12 Reasons why you should Redesign your Office in 2018

Your office may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about your new business plans, however, office design plays a significant part in the ability of your office to inspire creativity and stimulate productivity from your team.


Here, we’ve listed the 12 reasons why you should invest in a new office design:


Office design plays a vital role in a company’s ability to be forward thinking.


1. To keep up with the office design trends in 2018

Workplaces are evolving gradually in today’s fast growing office environment. However, this is turning from an evolution to a revolution – come join us to stay ahead.


2. Attract and Retain Talent

Generation Z are now entering the workforce. This generation has grown up with greater access to tech than any other generation. To attract the best talent, companies use their workplace as a selling tool.


3. Boost Morale

Good office has the power to boost staff morale. Even something as simple as a table tennis table or a couple of sofas can make a huge impact. It encourages staff to take breaks away from their desk to clear their mind and recharge creativity.


4. Create Culture

Office culture is the most vital factor to take into account when designing a new office. You have different values and behaviours of people all trying to meet company goals. A collaborative and flexible design with lots of group spaces can be a tangible way to support or change the current culture and encourage more motivation.


5. Maximise Productivity

No change in the office surroundings can have a negative effect on productivity. A new office design can significantly increase efficiency productivity as your employees are happier in a more positive environment.


6. Improve Collaboration

A new office design that takes into account new agile working practices and tech innovation gives people more opportunity to socialise and communicate which forms a stronger network within the company.


7. Enhanced Brand Perception

In 2017, an estimated third of employees said that they were too ashamed of their Offices to bring back colleagues or clients. Is this hampering your communication with vital keys to success? Strengthen your corporate image, enhance stakeholder communication and elevate customer experience.


8. Reduce Overheads

Since 2008, there has been greater pressure to compete with rising costs and competition so the office has had to work harder to remain in operation. More businesses are moving to an agile workspace because less space is needed, therefore: less floor space, cheaper rent and reduced overheads.


9. Latest Tech

Tech that’s behind the times often leads to lower efficiency. Upgraded offices will facilitate new tech to improve communication, workflow and your team.


10. Improve Efficiency

The ease of communication between different departments is one of the biggest differentiators between an average and outstanding office design. A new floor layout can respond to and improve changes in company structure.


11. Reduce your Environmental Footprint

A greener office can mean a lighter environmental footprint and a healthier and more productive place to work in. It can be as simple as going paperless or creating a fully certified sustainable office that will enhance your green credentials. It can help you save money, stay competitive and become more efficient in the workplace.


12. Plan for Growth

Ideally, your company will always be growing. So planning for growth in your office design will allow more talent to join your company. This way, if you bring in new people, you will have the floor space to accommodate them. If there is no physical room for growth then it may be time to consider expanding your office space.