Two Actions to get your Refurbishment off to a Flying Start

The process of fit-out or refurbishment (see our popular guide ‘What is Fit-out?’) can seem daunting – that is why we are here to help! However, telling us the top three reasons for refurbishment and the overriding project priority before we start will give us all clear focus throughout the project.


What reasons does your company have for refurbishing? Go on, pick three…


Recent mergers or acquisitions can mean more people moving into an already packed space. A refurbishment allows you to reorganise your space to maximise its potential.

Contraction / reorganisation

In the current financial climate every company has had to make concessions. Unfortunately this may have included a reduction of staff numbers, and empty seats do little for staff morale. Make the most of your space by introducing new facilities and creating a pleasant working environment.

• New or upgraded facilities

Is your boardroom looking dated? Would you like to provide your staff with an area in which they can take a break? Consider the existing layout and facilities in your office, and how you can add to and improve them.

Morale & productivity

Employees spend at least 8 hours a day in the office. It’s been proven that morale and productivity suffer in an uninspiring environment. A change of scenery could be just what’s required to turn your workforce into a happy, productive team.

• Legislation

The Government are constantly bringing in new legislation, such as the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, which make compliance more financially viable. Your office refurbishment can comply, not only with existing rulings, but to put you in good stead for compliance with future legislation.

• Health & safety

Improved efficiency and reduced hazards can provide a more attractive workplace for employees as they feel safer.

• Environmental

The environment is high on the agenda of many businesses these days. Use your refurbishment to send out a green message to your competitors and clients. Green issues are close to the hearts of many employees too, so attract and retain the best people by walking the walk and not just talking the talk. A refurbishment can improve energy efficiency by providing better insulation and maximising natural light.

• Improve your image to clients & prospects

Just as your people sell your business, so does your office. Think about what visitors to your office see on arrival: a tired and dated workplace for a tired and dated company or a fresh and vibrant office for a forward-looking business? Your office is a blank canvas, so use it to your advantage.


Project Priority: Cost, Time or Quality?

· Cost

Do you have a strict budget and whatever happens, it can’t be stretched. Communicating this to the team helps them to prioritise. For example, if there is little time restraint, the project can be scheduled for quieter times of the year i.e. not during popular holiday periods.

· Time

Do you have a tight timescale or can your work only be scheduled out of hours? or are you flexible on time scale, leading to the possibility of reduced cost and increased quality.

· Quality

While all of our projects conform to standard building regulations, planning to allow for extra spending on design and construction to achieve high quality can pay for itself many times over during the life of the interiors, for instance through lower energy consumption, or the reduced need for repairs. A high-quality design will maximise the sustainability of your project and reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact as well as long-term costs.

· Balanced Consideration of Each

Overall, the best solution is to strike a balance between all three and we will always strive for that if none of the above has an overriding priority.

Spending a small amount of time answering the above will make sure we all maintain focus on your priorities to ensure a successful outcome and pain-free project. Contact me on 01785 228877 or DM me to get your office plans off the ground.


If you’re wanting to get really organised, how about considering:

· An article list if you have definite ideas about what items you want, otherwise our consultants will be happy to guide you.

· What’s your projected company growth in terms of staff, see our guide ‘How much office space will I need?’ for growth advice.