Synectics Solutions



Synectics Solutions is a forward-thinking, innovative company who won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category in 2019.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Synectics are known not only for their innovation but also their generous outlook to staff & support of local charities.

But how could they celebrate such an achievement in a sustainable way that would pave the way for further innovation?





To celebrate this outstanding achievement, Synectics Solutions fixed upon creating an innovation room in the heart of their offices as a fitting and sustainable reward that would also give back by encouraging further innovation from the team & clients alike.

We were called in to bring experience to creating an inspiring space that was nevertheless functional.


Concerns were timescales – keeping it within our branding enough to be “us” whilst also being innovative enough to spur alternative thinking.


Exploring the company’s office, we found a fitting space to be refurbished for the purpose.

It was an area central to the office, with little natural light, and therefore confidential, that was the right place to designate to a transformation that would again take Synectics Solutions to new heights.

The Duke of Gloucester was soon due to be visiting Synectics in Stoke-on-Trent to present this worthy award which gave a critical deadline for the refurbishment project to be complete too.


The room was officially opened yesterday during our Royal Visit, and was a resounding success. I kept it a complete secret (even from Kate!) and the board, the royal party and the staff were blown away.





We like partnerships, we don’t want suppliers – and Sam was the only person we met that we felt actually listened to us, absorbed our business, our culture and our ideas before presenting his own.. so many others tried to shoe horn us into the latest trend or “this is what such and such did”.


Accolade suggested a wild biophilic theme that takes the user on a journey through a variety of stimulating spaces.

From decorations and lighting through to flooring and planting, every element was carefully selected to create an immersive experience to help the team concentrate on innovation away from distractions.


Your team really just took our brain dump of ideas and perfectly visualised it into a functioning, high quality design which we were able to utilise in full.


In less than eight weeks from the project’s conception, the innovation room was refurbished with new furniture and suitably transformed for the Royal visit.


You were super helpful in us ordering from you, pushing to work within our quite unreasonable timescales. 

The whole process from start to finish was dare I say easy! From the first consultation to receiving the design and to the delivery of the ordered piece, working with Accolade has been a breeze.



Completed Space:


On entering, it is down to business with a poseur table and whiteboard wall handy to capture all ideas.  Ivy trailing over the top of the Y-shaped whiteboard partition turns brainstorming sessions into an outdoor adventure.

Moving through, a second table to seat six people means that there is plenty of space for different teams to collaborate at the same time.

The crittall style shelving up ahead displays a wide variety of plants to provide a pleasant but airy division.  It partially hides the rustic plywood bleacher seating that is ideal for seating an audience or simply chatting with comfy scatter cushions.

Following the mossy flooring, a large, curved, feature sofa snakes round into the room.

In pride of place, the Royal Visit Commemorative Plate is displayed on an easel.

In another nook of the whiteboard partition, sits an easy chair next to a cosy looking lamp where you can sit in peace and really THINK.

Finally, a more fun and relaxed set of furniture, for smaller meetings, is set against the leafy backdrop, with more handy whiteboard space to jot everything down.





The project has boosted Synectic’s client demand to come in and solve problems with the team, some great ideas have already been hatched!


The launch was a huge success and brought a real buzz to the office (especially as we had all the windows covered and door access removed for the 2 week build). We had multiple client requests to visit the space in the first few days, and staff and clients make use of the space for innovation days and problem solving… with some great successes already!

What could you do to boost creativity?