CX Drywipe Wall in Office

CX Partners



Richard and Giles founded CX Partners in 2004 to provide marketing advice that was centred on the customer.

This was after they saw a lack of focus on what the customer wanted in the companies that they worked for.





When CX’s London lease expired, it was time to find a larger office to lease.

Realising that Shoreditch, London was a better culture fit for CX Partners, they found a property in the heart of the hipster, creative community.

Inside, the interiors must embrace their culture as well as mirror the cultural hub outside.

Practically, the workspace needed to attract clients to come and brainstorm ideas with CX professionals.

Besides, the interiors had to stimulate a creative flow of ideas too.

Richard and Giles had already settled on how interior design had to look when they approached fit-out companies for quotations.  After all, design that focuses on a great customer experience is what CX Partners does best.

Surely, it would be easy to find a fit-out partner who could put their workspace ideas into practice.

Company X was willing to listen but couldn’t translate ideas into a practical reality.

Company T wanted to design it their way.

Company N was so over-priced.

Until they asked Accolade.  We were glad to listen, knew how to construct their plans and was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive.

Accolade made their creative interior ideas a practical reality.  Here was someone they could trust with the technical capacity to say “yes”.





Accolade researched.

Bespoke designs were created to mirror their designs.

Negotiating pillars and open ceilings, we angled walls and templated glass to create a solution that looked just right.

Small details such as inset skirting were incorporated to make the dry-wipe walls more accessible.

Small details considered can turn a workplace user experience from painful to pleasurable, and consequently, productive.

With 6 weeks to finalise designs and complete the work, Accolade rose to the challenge and completed the work in time for their launch event, negotiating the logistical challenges of working in London.





The new London branch office is refreshing and enables CX Partners to grow in line with their strategy plan and attract larger clients.

The resourceful interior layout has enabled them make every cubic metre count in an original and relevant way.



Richard Caddick, CX Partners


Accolade came up with the goods each time we tweaked.  Their workplace experience has helped make working here a smooth experience, a detail we are keen to highlight to our clients.