How Partitioning Optimises Workspace in Staffordshire

Creating Productive Work Environments: How Partitioning Optimises Workspaces


The workplace environment is a driving factor for employee productivity. The environments in which we work influence everything from morale and well-being to efficiency, concentration levels and performance. In this informative guide, we’ll discuss the importance of the working environment and explore how partitioning optimises workspaces. 

Accolade is a leading provider of workplace partitioning solutions based in Staffordshire. Using innovative, creative and effective design concepts and products, the Accolade team helps Staffordshire businesses to reap the rewards of productive workplace environments

The concept of workspace partitioning

Partitioning is one of the best ways to create versatile, functional workspaces. Businesses across the UK require practical solutions that offer the best of both worlds. Adding partitions to your office space is a simple, effective way to provide privacy and quiet spaces for working alone and cater to collaborative work and group and team activities. Using partitions enables company owners and team leaders to divide spaces while also enjoying the flexibility of having access to communal, open or shared areas that are ideally suited to meetings and brainstorming sessions. 


One of the most significant advantages of partitioning is adaptability. Using partitions enables business owners to customise designs and select products and structures that suit their requirements and preferences. Partitioning provides opportunities for companies of all sizes. 

Enhancing productivity with partitioning

Workspace partitioning can help to enhance productivity by creating spaces that cater to the needs of employees and provide flexible solutions for different activities and tasks. Using partitions, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  1. Creating private spaces: many employees undertake a combination of independent work and group activities. Using partitions allows employees to enjoy the peace and privacy of private areas. Employees can focus on their work without worrying about having to listen to other peoples’ conversations or share the space with other groups, which are working together. This is an effective form of distraction reduction.


  1. Reducing noise levels: it can be very difficult to concentrate if you’re contending with background noise or the hustle and bustle of a busy office. Partitioning creates quiet areas within larger offices or open workspaces, which makes it easier to focus. This is essential for promoting efficiency and productivity. 


  1. Maximising space and resources to supercharge productivity: Gensler’s Workplace Index suggests that a good design can enhance workplace productivity by 20% (source). Adding partitions is a proven way to improve the versatility of workspaces and enable employees to focus on independent tasks while also enjoying easy access to shared spaces. 

Promoting collaboration and communication

Collaboration and communication play an integral part in effective, efficient workplace performance, as well as contributing to employee morale. Research suggests that 75% of employees consider collaboration and teamwork ‘important’ or ‘very important,’ while more than 85% of leaders believe that a lack of cohesion is the main cause of workplace failure (source). 


Partitioning helps to champion collaboration and open communication by providing access to collaborative spaces for team meetings and group discussions and activities. Using targeted solutions, employees can benefit from using dedicated spaces, which actively promote and facilitate better communication between individuals, teams, groups and departments. 


Accolade has worked with Staffordshire businesses and companies across the UK to enhance collaboration and cohesion via workspace development and innovative design ideas. One brilliant example is the new collaborative workspace at Synectics Solutions, a forward-thinking data solutions provider. Accolade has created a space perfectly suited to conjuring up ideas and promoting teamwork via brainstorming sessions and open discussions. 

Designing ergonomic and employee-friendly workspaces

Implementing partitioning solutions enables company owners to design ergonomic, comfortable workspaces, which promote health and well-being and improve employee satisfaction. Good mental and physical health is crucial for morale, engagement and productivity. Studies show that healthy employees are 59% more likely to be engaged (source). 


Accolade’s partitioning services cater to the requirements of all businesses, offering flexibility and customisable solutions. From glass walls, moving walls and storage division to solid partitioning, you can design a comfortable space that brings people together while providing quiet, private zones. 

Flexible and customizable solutions

Accolade specialises in flexible, customisable solutions. There is a wide range of partitions available, and solutions are designed to adapt to evolving trends and workplace requirements and business growth.

Examples of workspace partitions include:

  • Glass partitions (framed or frameless)
  • Moving walls
  • Solid partitions
  • Modular walls


Flexible, adaptable solutions enable modern businesses to plan for the future while focusing on achieving objectives today. They also offer excellent value for money and scope to make the most of the usable space available. 

Creating aesthetically pleasing workspaces

Workspaces have to be comfortable and practical, but it’s also important to consider aesthetics. Employees want to work in attractive environments, which are visually appealing and have a positive impact on mood and well-being. A 2022 study shows that workplace aesthetics are influential for current employees, as well as prospective team members. An appealing workspace can help businesses to attract top talent, with many candidates considering aesthetics as a contributing factor (source). 


Partitioning can enhance the look and feel of office spaces and workspaces and it also provides opportunities to customise workplace design. Accolade offers options to add branding or bespoke designs to promote businesses or set them apart, as well as opportunities to maximise natural light and enable employees to enjoy attractive views. 

In Summary – How Partitioning Optimises Workspaces

Creating practical, safe, comfortable, versatile and visually appealing workspaces can have a significant impact on employee morale and productivity. Partitioning is a simple but effective way to optimise workspace design and functionality by using partitions to design private, quiet spaces and collaborative zones within open areas. Using partitions enables business owners to make the most of every inch of space while providing a pleasant, comfortable, functional and welcoming working environment for employees. 

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