How to Identify the Best Office Fit-out Firm for You

An office fit-out can re-invigorate a workplace by boosting staff morale and giving your visitors the right first impressions. It can also make your daily work processes more efficient.

As your coampany culture is unique, your new office fit-out must reflect that individuality and meet the specific needs of your organisation. Therefore, choosing the right partner is crucial for implementing this key step in your company’s growth.

Follow our guide below for the key points that you should consider when choosing your key partner to fit-out your offices:-


Don’t be pushed off course

A good fit-out company should be able to take your requirements and budget into consideration and make them work. While a workspace consultant will make suggestions and improvements based on knowledge and experience, they shouldn’t be constantly persuading you to make decisions out of your comfort zone or that are vastly different from what you proposed. It’s a good test of their suitability to determine how well they receive your suggestions. After all, you know your business best!

Mirrors your working method

The smoothest fit-out project takes place when you find the company that has a similar approach to you. This maybe how they plan to structure the project or how well their day-to-day practices match yours – a good fit will naturally make communication smoother. Companies that are flexible and can accommodate your requests will automatically be a better fit – it might be worth looking elsewhere if they don’t respond well to your suggested way of working.



A website can make anyone look great but check out the company’s testimonials to see what clients really think of them – does their feedback address the questions that you might be asking? LinkedIn is another great way to check out a fit-out company’s real feedback – look for individual recommendations on LinkedIn for more about the consultants that you will be working with, also if you have any mutual connections, it might be worth asking them about their experience with the company.



It’s essential to find out whether the company you propose to use has undertaken similar projects – that will tell you what the business is used to in terms of scale, timing, budgets & management. This is not always definitive because someone with a fresh approach or a keen outlook can give brilliant results – you just need to check that they can actually do it.

Another great tip is to check out the company blog. Are they regularly posting content that is relevant to you? Articles from individual consultants on social media demonstrate the individual expertise of the fit-out consultant.


Money Matters

For clients, one of the biggest fears of construction-related projects is that they will run significantly over budget. Budget savvy companies are open about costs right from the start so that unforeseen costs don’t sneak into a project down the line. Sometimes, you may wish to include extras partway through the project; companies that will not invoice you for more without your sign off are ones that you can trust to help you keep on track from beginning to end.

If you bear in mind the 5 key tips above and follow your intuition you should be content with your new office and how the project was handled. After all, business is about people buying from people so a workspace consultant that you relate to and who has strong values is likely to be a good choice.