Three Pivotal Rewards of a Mezzanine Floor

If your business is growing and you need bigger premises for extra staff, storage or production facilities, what are your options? Find new commercial premises and swallow the high cost of moving lock, stock and barrel?

A great alternative, assuming your current business premises allow it, could be the construction of a mezzanine floor to give you the extra space you need. It could be the perfect space making solution for your business.


What is one?

A mezzanine floor is a raised platform between the floor and ceiling of a building. They come in all shapes and sizes and aim to maximize the use of so-called vertical space. They provide additional room above and below and can be built free of existing structures.

Mezzanines are usually constructed from steel, aluminium or fiberglass and can be tailored to suit their settings. They are made up of beams, purlins, columns and decking, although handrails, pallet gates and staircases are common accessories, sometimes also added to Mezzanines.

You can use a mezzanine floor as offices, storage, and manufacturing space – anything.


Cost, Energy and Space Efficient

One of the most commonly wasted areas, which can be easily adapted and put to great use, is right above our heads. Who doesn’t need more space?

Generating space with a mezzanine floor is saving you from having to pay the hefty costs of moving to another building, relocating staff and paying a higher rent in your new building. Not only that, it’s counted as an asset, over against rent, an expense.

As an asset, and a non-structural one at that (see below), you can lease it in the same way that you do a car to help cash flow and make tax savings, see our straight-forward guide to leasing.

Furthermore, heating costs can often be reduced. Of course, warm air rises so if offices and manufacturing are moved onto a newly created upper level, lower heating bills could easily ensue.

Finally, one of the more ‘intangible’ benefits of a mezzanine is probably one of the most advantageous to business owners. The increase of floor space and the extra work room it provides can help your workers get things done easily and more quickly than before, if productivity is increased by the addition of a mezzanine floor, so too is your revenue and your profits! Uncluttered shop floors can help prevent traffic jams and accidents, and with the extra space to work you’ll never hear complaints about not having room for items again. (Well, until the time comes you have to expand your mezzanine again, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.)


Quick Construction

Depending on the size, actual construction of the mezzanine floor usually takes around 10 working days to make it useable – either for machinery or storage to be moved up or be fitted out to provide office space. This short construction time minimises disruption and down time for your staff as it only needs one point of contact within the company to arrange the installation and some planning for the two weeks where staff working underneath will need to work with the installers. When you compare this to relocation, it’s a no-brainer!


Flexible asset

Luckily, each mezzanine is modular and can be expanded as needed to make sure it can meet the ever-changing needs of your facility, no matter what you do or what you use mezzanines for. This also allows it to be fully demounted and relocated if necessary. It is also fully bespoke so this might be the only opportunity to find space perfectly suited to your workflow.


If you think that a mezzanine floor is the answer to your space or storage problems, why not give us a call on 01785 228877?