Office Glazed Partitioning

Everpool Recruitment


Liverpool-based recruitment consultancy, filling a wide variety of roles for clients, specialising in the Healthcare Sector.



Everpool had just taken up the lease of another floor to their existing office space and required a partitioning solution to create confidential, individual managerial offices to facilitate private conversations and promote focus.


They were very conscious of minimising damage to the office in-situ to reduce dilapidation costs towards the end of the lease.



Accolade surveyed the office and worked with the existing structural pillars to create a partitioning layout that was streamlined and space efficient.  Accolade identified and relocated the electrical services on the pillars and a radiator prior to the partitioning installation.  A necessary pre-requisite to the perfect finish.


Completed Space:

Maintaining a light and airy atmosphere, the fronts of the offices are glazed which diffuses plenty of light to a corridor and open office. Double skinned solid partitioning with a taped and jointed finish in between the offices prevents noise travelling between the offices.    A fully framed finish to the glazing with timber doors was a conscious choice to enhance acoustic privacy.  Another effective way to balance light and visual privacy was a wide band of frosted manifestation on the glazing that is compliant with Building Regulations Part M.  One manager preferred a more open feel so opted for glazing dots instead.


“Thanks again for everything you and the team have done.   Everyone we dealt with has been great from start to finish and we’re really pleased with the outcome.”



The office is more user friendly and customised to Everpool’s needs.  It’s much easier to be productive in a functional space with ample private zones to cater for the team.

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